Copper Foil for EV Automotive

Currently, our most popular Battery Foil is Cu-BFGD1. This copper foil is ideal for large-size and high-power batteries, as required by BEV and HEV Vehicles. This foil can be used in Smart Grid Battery Systems.

Cu-BFGD1 has an Ultra-Low Profile, which is suitable for Lithium-ion batteries where a Graphitic carbon layer is bonded to the copper foil in order to form the current collector. Cu-BFGD1 is our standard Battery Copper Foil for cylindrical, prismatic and pouch-type batteries.

As part of our Technology Roadmap to produce a superior EV Battery Foil, we are in development of new Copper Foil called Cu-SRGD2. This new Copper Foil will have greater elongation properties and superior tensile strength, while maintaining a surface roughness under 2µm. Cu-SRGD2 will be available in Q2'2024.