Benefits of mSAP Technology

mSAP saves space as it allows denser conducting path layouts

Short signal paths enhance signal transmission on the PCB

mSAP offers better performance at a smaller size

Radically thin PCBs for radically thin devices

mSAP shrinks PCBs, freeing up space for sensors, cameras and larger batteries


mSAP provides another boost to miniaturization for the electronics industry, as circuits can be planned and executed in exceedingly compact spaces, thanks to their smaller structural dimensions. It also reduces the risk of short circuits on densely packed circuit boards, because (unlike their chemically created counterparts) mSAP conducting paths do not extend across the base. This means that although the distances between them are small, there is no risk of signal interference.

Doublethin Standard Foils for mSAP

Product Description Roughness (Rz)
Doublethin NF (DTH-NF) Line spacing below 10/10µm ≤ 1.2 µm
Doublethin NF (DTH-NF-HT) Line spacing below 10/10µm ≤ 1.2 µm
Doublethin NN (DTH-NN) Line spacing below 15/15µm ≤ 1.2 µm
Doublethin ANP (DTH-ANP) Line spacing of 20/20µm ≤ 1.5 µm
Doublethin TZA (DTH-TZA) Line spacing of 25/25µm ≤ 2.2 µm