Copper Foil with Poly Carrier

ACF-Screen™ is comprised of a Protective Poly release film adhered to a sheet of copper foil. It provides protection of the copper surface throughout the entire cycle of PCB lamination. ACF-Screen utilizes an inert adhesive which results in a residue-free copper surface during processing. The release film will uncouple during the lamination cycle, allowing for easy removal during break-down.

For example, we apply this release film to 9 μm copper foil to protect the surface and to allow for better handling during the layup process. There is no longer a need for expensive copper foil carriers.


Improve Your Yields
  • Protect the copper surface
  • Eliminate Epoxy Spots
  • Reduce Pits and Dents due to airborne particulate
  • Buffers the Copper
Improve Your Productivity
  • Speeds up the Layup Process
  • Improves handling of thin Copper Foils
  • Suitable for Automated Handling Systems
  • Can replace expensive Copper/Aluminum/Copper and Aluminum/Bonded/Copper products
  • Replaces DoubelThin carrier supported foils


ACF-Screen is available in different copper foil types and thicknesses, with two types of poly release film:
  • Standard copper, HTE (IPC Grade-3) for conventional FR-4 circuit boards
  • High bond strength copper, for BT and Polyimide
  • And Very Low Profile copper, for advanced HSLL applications
Copper Foil Thicknesses
9 µm 0.25 oz
12 µm 0.375 oz
18 µm 0.5 oz
35 µm 1.0 oz
70 µm 2.0 oz
Poly Thicknesses
High Temp.
(250 °C)
50 µm
75 µm