Advanced Copper Foil
Circuit Foil

Copper Clad Manufacturing

Product Description Application Roughness (Rz)  
TW-YE Standard Shiny Foil with Zinc,
HTE Grade 3
FR-4 Multilayer 5 - 14 µm
BF-HFI-LP2 HVLP, Zinc Free Inner Layer CCL Foil/Low Signal Loss, High Speed Digital <= 3.1 µm
TW-B-YE/TW-B RTF High Bond Foil with Zinc Inner Layer Foil/High Tg Laminates 5 - 15 µm
HFZ-B Low Profile, Zinc Free Inner Layer Foil for PTFE Applications 6 - 10 µm
BF-Plainstainproof VLP Foil, Zinc and Arsenic Free For Battery and Shielding Applications, No Treatment 1.2 - 2.5 µm
ACF2 & ACF3 Aluminum-bonded Copper Foil Printed Circuit Board -